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Titree Farm 

About Titree Farm:

As Titree Farm is located in a remote area of the Northern Territory, it has a unique climate and growing conditions that allow for an early harvest compared to other table grape producers in Australia. The farm's location in the Northern Territory means it has a warmer climate than other grape-growing regions in Australia, allowing the grapes to ripen earlier in the season.

In addition, the farm's remote location means that it is not subject to the same weather patterns as other grape-growing regions, which can often experience unpredictable weather conditions that can affect the timing of the harvest. By being located in a more stable climate, Titree Farm is able to plan and execute its harvest earlier in the season, giving it a competitive advantage in the market.

Despite the early harvest, the grapes produced by Titree Farm are known for their high quality and are in high demand from both domestic and export markets. The farm's commitment to sustainability and quality, combined with its unique growing conditions, has helped it to establish a strong reputation in the Australian table grape industry.

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